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 successA complete guide on how to craft a road to success and prosperity in life. 

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Published by Penguin.

Featured chapter -----Are you a dead man walking?

Life, from a headsman’s cow’s point of view I am sure, consists of spending the day grazing, and then going to sleep and dreaming about more grazing the following day. That is normal life for a cow, but not for a human being. A human being is created to dream, to be spurred on by the dream inside him. Humans are the only creatures that can carry a dream or vision, but sadly most people live just like the cow – no vision, no dream, as long as they can place a plate of food on their table and get a place to sleep. Such is the epitome of misery, for it is better to be dead, than to not have a reason to live. A man without a vision is a walking grave – he has no reason why death should avoid him, and has no reason to avoid death either. Vision can keep you alive. It will spur you on, even against odds that are otherwise insurmountable. 

There are more people that have perished from lack of vision than from any plague known to mankind, making graveyards the richest places on this planet. For without vision man abandons himself to self-destructive tendencies that having a vision would have prevented him from engaging in. It is the power of vision that anchors a man to the future and keeps him from self-destruction. 

Without vision, man operates like a ship without a rudder and anything goes. With vision, only those things that are compatible with the vision are acceptable and useful. You can tell a man without vision by the way he lives his life, for there’s no man with a vision to be alive until their 80th birthday who can wallow in drunkenness, drug abuse and reckless abandon, in the name of pleasure. The vision itself will be the enemy of such things, or they are the enemy of the vision. Therefore the life of a man reflects his vision, or lack thereof.

A young man willing to win a beautiful young lady’s heart will dress smart, get his life in order, and stop all forms of misdemeanor, until such a time as he wins her. He may have been failing to do all these things all his life, but now he has a vision, a reason to not do them. So then, we may say that the reason people fail to not do certain things in their life is that they do not have reason (vision) enough not to do them. Or, the reason people stop living (perish) is because they do not have a reason (vision) to live any longer.

Ask yourself a question---do you have a vision that can keep you alive, or are you a dead man walking, perishing by the day?

In order to get out of a such a predicament in life, my encouragement is for people to stop going in circles with their lives and to stop chasing the wind and start living the fulfilled lives that they were created to live. A fulfilled life means you are living according to your purpose in life, you are doing the things that you were created to do in this world. The biggest challenge to mankind is how to find this elusive purpose which will enable you to create a vision, or a dream and a mission that in turn will help you live a meaningful, great and successful life?

The book goes further to show you techniques on how to develop the following:

  • How to discover your PURPOSE in life
  • How to develop a VISION statement based on your life purpose
  • How to develop a MISSION statement based on your life purpose
  • How to develop action plans based on your vision and mission


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