Purpose Coaching

We coach PURPOSE for there is purpose in everything..


Without PURPOSE there is no Leadership to talk about, no fulfilment, no joy and no fruitfulness in life and in business. It will be like a ship without rudder. Millions have tried to find their PURPOSE yet it keeps eluding them. 

Use our FREE online model to discover your PURPOSE and become more effective in leading others. You can also book coaching workshops for us to help you take your life and business plans to a more detailed level.

Our coaching is based on PRASI model as shown below. PRASI is an acronym for Purpose Realization And Self Identity. 

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Click to use the above model - FREE

 In our Group coaching sessions you learn and understand how to:

  • translate your identified purpose into a vision
  • translate your vision into a mission
  • translate your mission into goals
  • translate goals into objectives
  • translate objectives into plans
  • track plans for success
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